We listen, act, and transform

Quilted Rose Clinical Services was created out of a need for highly skilled Black clinicians expressly trained in social justice and somatic experiencing treatment modalities to work with Black people.

Dr. Walker works with all Black (BIPOC) people; with a special emphasis on adults who work in the health and nonprofit sectors. She works collaboratively to facilitate growth in individuals struggling with intergenerational trauma, complex trauma, acute stress, depression, anxiety and stopping the cycle of unhealthy relationships all while maintaining within a society which thrives on systemic oppression.

Quilted Rose Clinical Services was created to fill that gap.

Our Values

We are a private practice that specializes in helping Black people heal through understanding where and how their emotions are held in their bodies. While also understanding the sociopolitical context of what it means to be a Black person in america.

Our Team

Our Approach

Here at Quilted Rose, we believe in the somatic-experiencing social-justice psychotherapy by and for Black people.

Our Opportunties

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Being healthy is a human right

We, Black (BIPOC) people, are whole beings deserving of a lifetime of peace and joy and loveā€¦ beyond being strong survivors. Click below to set up an appointment today.