"Our communities deserve to be served by healthy professionals… WE deserve to be healthy because it is our natural state." -Dr. Lisa Walker, PsyD

Welcome to Quilted Rose

Welcome to Quilted Rose Clinical Services, where we listen, act and transform. Our goal is to help all Black (BIPOC) struggling with trauma, depression and anxiety.

Greetings from Dr. Walker

Hello, I'm Dr. Lisa Walker. I specialize in helping individuals navigate intergenerational trauma, complex trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, and breaking unhealthy relationship cycles within the context of systemic patriarchy.

Please note that I am no longer taking new clients for mental health therapy. My focus now encompasses clinical supervision (LLPC), professional coaching, clinical training, and corporate DEI consultation. However, my team remains dedicated to providing support in these areas to foster personal and professional growth. Thank you for your understanding.

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Corporate Partners

Black Kid Joy, Black Girl Joy & Black Boy Joy

The Black Kid Joy, Black Girl Joy and Black Boy Joy books are social - emotional learning and emotional IQ books for Black youth ages 10 - 16.

Being healthy is a human right

We, Black (BIPOC) people, are whole beings deserving of a lifetime of peace and joy and love… beyond being strong survivors. Click below to set up an appointment today.